5 Living Room Ideas Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year

Ever since we learned that Classic Blue is Pantone’s Color Of The Year for 2020, we’ve been feeling the blues in the best way possible. Described by the experts at Pantone as “a timeless and enduring blue hue” that is “suggestive of the sky at dusk,” the shade was chosen for its calming and positive qualities that also inspire a sense of peace and stability as we enter a new era and decade.

It’s no surprise then that stylish blue decor for the home is a significant focus as we kick off the new year. And what better place to usher in the hue than in your living room. Keep reading for simple ideas to style up your living spaces for the year ahead with a bit (or a lot) of Pantone-inspired blue, no matter your style.

boho style blue living room decor
Photo by Jana Williams. 

For A Boho & Layered Vibe

Blue has long had universal appeal in that we automatically associate it with ease and comfort. The same laid-back sensibility underscores Classic Blue, which lends itself to relaxed interaction, according to Pantone’s experts.

An easy way to play up that casual, relaxed vibe is with textiles and art in varying blue shades. Try grounding your living room with a rug that has a mix of ocean, cerulean, and evening sky tones and use it as a jumping-off point for pillows and art. The beauty of working with textiles is that it instantly adds a layered, comfy, and boho look.

blue sofa in eclectic living roomPhoto courtesy of Decorist Elite designer Kendall Simmons. Interior by Kendall. 

For A Bright & Modern Look

More than any color, blue has a tried-and-true versatility to it that has stood the test of time. It’s precisely the reason Pantone’s experts gravitated toward the hue for their color of the year. It feels approachable and offers “a dependable and stable foundation” within our fast-paced world today.

In the same vein, a blue sofa can be a great anchor piece for your living room. For one, a blue sofa has an instant modern appeal, and it’s just as versatile and practical as a gray or white one. It also works well with furnishings in all styles and colors, be it traditional blue-and-white accents, a graphic black-and-white rug, or unique finds in bright, bold hues. An excellent place to start is with a blue that’s not too light or too far in the navy family.

traditional blue bar cabinet
Photo by Nicole LaMotte.

For A Classic & Chic Statement

Pantone also describes their blue as “elegant in its simplicity.” It calls attention to how blue, in any shade, can be easily dressed up or down to suit your aesthetic or space.

To that effect, consider amping up your living room with an elegant sideboard or armoire in an eye-catching blue shade. On its own, it will stand out as a boldly chic focal point. But we love the idea of a colorful statement piece accented with equally captivating accents, such as vintage ceramic lamps and an antiqued round mirror. It’s a traditional approach to decorating that never fails to add impact in a space, and it will highlight the timeless, enduring beauty of blue.

relaxed blue room decorPhoto courtesy of Allison Bloom. Interior designed by Dehn Bloom.

For Playful & Eclectic Appeal

If you’re looking to go big with blue, try bringing together all of the above elements—a mix of textiles, a blue sofa, statement designs—into your living room. Start with a foundational blue piece and then work in accents in other tones, such as blue-greens and indigo, to emphasize your wide-ranging palette. Round it out with a few boho-style and modern pieces for a layered and eclectic look.

classic blue walls and decor
Photo by Manuel Rodriguez.

For A Preppy Blue & White Take

Finally, if you’re ready to commit to blue in your space, you can’t beat the vibrant look of an accent wall. If you know us, we’re big fans of a color-on-color look, so if you’re painting your wall(s), take it one step further by adding a statement piece in the same hue, like this blue-parchment desk. And when in doubt with blue walls, bring in white furnishings and accents. There’s no going wrong with a classic blue-and-white look, ever!

* Article source: https://www.decorist.com/blog/pantone-color-2020-classic-blue-living-room-ideas/


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